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Back at Hotel Valhalla, Alex offers to help Samirah learn to resist Loki’s control, but she refuses, to Alex’s hurt

Back at Hotel Valhalla, Alex offers to help Samirah learn to resist Loki’s control, but she refuses, to Alex’s hurt

They stop after a while and she and Sam have a side conversation

She, Samirah, Magnus, Blitzen, and Hearthstone are tasked by Helgi, on Odin’s raven’s orders, to recapture Loki. Alex then storms off to her room, where she begins working on a clay trophy as a gift for Sif. The next morning, Magnus pays a visit to Alex, now male. He admits that Sam can resist Loki’s power by accepting shape shifting and using it as frequently as Alex does. By the end of their conversation, Alex has shifted to female, and Magnus knows before he is told. Alex throws a piece of pottery she had made the night before at him as he walks out.

The Ship of the Dead

Alex helps Magnus train at Boston Harbor for his coming quest to re-imprison Loki. He is with Annabeth watching Percy train the son of Frey and takes him back to Valhalla whenever he gets a fatal injury. The four have lunch and they talk about their plan to stop Loki. Alex says they should have set sail already and if they are to make it they should set sail by the end of the week. After the Greek demigods leave (Alex commenting on what an adorable couple they are), he and Magnus head to the Chase Mansion.

When they arrive they find the doors blown in and a wolf corpse in the foyer. They explore the mansion and look to see if Randolph had a plan to take our Loki. When they reach the library on the top floor he sees a wolf on the roof and calls Magnus over. They decide to let the wolf in and see if it is looking for the same thing as them. He turns into a wolf and stares down the wolf before it takes a drinking horn by the fireplace. Alex decapitates it and they find a journal in it. They decider it on the roof as a plan to defeat Loki. Alex mentions that her training with Sam to block out Loki is not going well and that something is going on with her but he will not tell. A raven delivers a message from T.J. saying they are about to set sail. Alex turns into a flamingo and flies off to get Sam.

He and Sam are picked up by the crew and set sail to pick up Blitz and Hearth. Soon after they leave they are dragged under water by nine women coming out of the water. They surface in a soup pot and are fished out by Aegir. He grants them guest rights and invites them for a meal, which consists of Blitz and Hearth installment loans Ohio. He states that he cannot eat dwarves and elves so Aegir releases them. He and Sam devise a plan. Just as they are about to eat, one of Aegir’s daughters calls out Magnus. During a standoff between Aegir and the crew of the Big Banana. He signs to Magnus about talking to Aegir about mead. When their host agrees to let them go if they can escape he leaves and his daughters attack. During the fight he takes the form of a silverback gorilla. He helps out Magnus and Sam before Njord appears and allows Hearthstone to take out a wall so they could escape. When they surface Alex has changed gender and lets everyone know. She goes below deck to get food while Njord talks with Magnus, Blitz and Hearth.

A few days later she wakes Magnus to help out with Sam’s training. At first she shouts the animal she wants Sam to turn into before having her half-sister face of against both Magnus and Jack. She shakes Magnus awake when they arrive at York.

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