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He hopes to reestablish a market for his heavy oil

He hopes to reestablish a market for his heavy oil

I really question the intelligence of those who operate in the stock market

That would spell the end of the Keystone / Gateway pipe lines and leave Alberta up shit crick without a paddle. At some stage someone in that Province has to wake up and see the complete picture. The way east via the Twin Beaver pipe line points toward the deep water port at Churchill Man. And a market of 23 million Canadians [ Ontario and east ] now being screwed by Herr Harper’s oilie friends. The fact that this Country is self sufficient in Green clean cheap energy will be of little consequence to YOU if Herr Harper and 90% of the old line media are allowed to sell the Nation off in little bits to foreigners.

The likes of the US oil cartel, TransCanada and Enbridge are just play them for suckers with false, stale and misleading info. If Venzuela starts shipping heavy oil once again then Alberta will become a ghost town. And all of Rex Murphy’s pals will be moving back to the rock. Imbedded in the free enterprise system is an element called creative destruction which in North America has been halted by the staus quoers at great expense. Eventually we the underclass will pay this entire bill. The right / white/ rich / greedy 20% are the modern day buggy makers [ those who fought the introduction of the automobile ]. Creative destriction grind on constantly with new products and ideas replacing the old.

The status quoers simply can’t let go no matter how much it costs the underclass

But not here. New ideas and products are buried by the ad media which is paid to keep things off the screen, confuse the public or attack progress. In Ontario the staus quoers [ with the help of Harris and McGuinty ] have raised this killing of innovation to payday loans Maryland new heights. California with 33 million people has gone bankrupt and Ontario is headed in the same direction. Once the cracks in the dam reveal themselves the whole thing will go and the elites will be swept away. The problem for Canadian ubermen and women is, they don’t have their gated communities in place yet. The failure of Ontario financially can be avoided, there is still time.

I have been pushing this for 12 years going back to the Harris years. I feel I have right to speak out, I worked for Mike in 2 elections and sat the last one out. Having the ENRON boys up here to buy old Ontario Hydro was just too much for me to take. In previous posts I have offered to take over as Ontario’s Electric Tsar and figure the job can be done in 5 years with my first action being to cut KW rates in half immediately [ from the real price of 20 cents to ten cents all in ]. So your options are, we go broke, we revolt or we fix the electrical system. So what will it be.

TIM POWERS / HEAD OF HERR HARPER’S GESTAPO / IS FINALLY ON THE JOB / I WAS REALLY WORRIED – How can any police state operate without a gestapo? Some time back our Tim was give the job of compiling dossiers on anyone who might oppose HIMSELF down the road. Well we find out that Bob Rae is to be Tim’s first target. Fascist attack ads will be aired on Tuesday in key markets showing Rae during the 1990’s meltdown. Now that is 20 years ago but Powers has had problems coming up with more recent dirt. I have watched Powers over the years on TV and have read his stuff purposely, this mainly to help me get it through my head that such a brainless, mouthy thug can get so much attention. I have been a lifetime PC. How did such vermin sneak into our tent. Now if the paid media runs these Power attack ads I want equal time given to the antics of Stevie Harper back in the 1990s. Any station or paper which takes money to run these Fascist ads can be seen by Canadians as enemies of the state. Allan Gregg said a few week back that 2/3 rds of the present Fascist Party are Progressive Conservatives and I would tend to agree. However Harper and his small band of Reformers have stolen our mantle. Let us take it back. Buy memberships in Conservative riding association for ten bucks a throw and overwhelm the few Reformers who control each association. The Progressive name could be put back in place and the rabid right reduced to the small minority it actually is. Pastor Manning and Stevie Harper got no traction in Alberta till the US oil cartel started giving them money. The cartel had just come off a successful takeover of the California State House in which the minority Republicans now rule. The oilies circumvented the election funding rules in the State and repeated a like effort here. There will be no bills for the Robo Calls on Harper’s books. The oilies paid for the whole voter supression campaign.

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